Sick everywhere

Things are quiet here.

Millie continues to do well in the “Lower Toddlers”. She had a nasty stomach bug last week, which had the Lovely Melanie fretting for a couple of days, lest we be landed with a sick baby for a month, like last time…

But “fortunately” Millie threw up for a few days, regularly filled her nappies with what looked remarkably like chicken soup, and then got better, as children generally do.

There was one memorable day when the washing machine was permanently spinning, filled with sick-soaked things; Millie had to wear a Christmas babygro to bed, as she’d been sick on all her others, and we had to wash all the sofa covers, all our clothes, three towels, the rug and three lots of bedding.

Apart from that it’s been very quiet.  My back is still healing well – there was a small hiccup in the recovery process when I went to How Does It Feel To Be Loved on Friday night. Kevin Rowland (of Dexy’s Midnight Runners fame) was DJing, and it’s a tiny little venue, so I didn’t want to miss that, did I?

Anyway, he played some absolutely beautiful tunes, joining the crowd on the dancefloor for some of them, such as Ken Boothe’s Everything I Own, and I absolutely danced my little heart out – as best I was able. I must have some special muscles that I only use for dancing (people who’ve seen me dance will probably agree – nobody else in the world uses the same muscles as I do for dancing) since I was only a little bit sore on Saturday.

Friday, we’re off to Swindon in the morning via the train , to see the family and some friends…and that’s all there is to say at the moment.

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