More about being a dad

I don’t know, you spend all that time, effort and intellectual horsepower in order to get the RSS feed up and running…and then stop posting for a week!

I promised some more Millie news, and was going to do one of my semi-regular ‘Isn’t being a dad great?‘ pieces, but we’re a bit pushed for time here at the moment, so we’ll just have to settle for a bog-standard, ‘Aren’t kids daft?‘ style entry.

It’s the communication skills that are really really coming on still.

Pushing Millie home from nursery at dusk a couple of days ago she spotted the moon high in the sky and kept pointing at it. ‘That’s the moon,‘ I told her.  ‘Moon. People have landed on there – and in your dad’s lifetime, too; although not in mummy’s. Moon. Moon.

But as we carried on home from nursery I said to Millie, ‘Millie, where’s the moon?

And she looked straight up into the sky and pointed at the moon.

So, thinking it might have been a coincidence, I waited until we’d turned a corner (so the moon was now in a different place) and asked again, ‘Millie, where’s the moon?

And the pointy finger swung inevitably up to where the moon had been, but wasn’t any more.  Then she twisted about in her buggy and found it on her other side, pointing at it and saying ‘Muh.’

Also, at bathtime, she now recognises ‘Bath‘ or ‘Bathy‘, and immediately heads off for the bathroom – which is unfortunate, because we have to go to her bedroom first to get her clothes off; but once we’ve done that she’ll storm off up the hallway to the bathroom – and I swear, there’s nothing like the sight of your little naked baby with a fat tummy and a huge grin striding purposefully towards the bathroom to make you proud.

Having known her from when she was a helpless ball of flesh, nappy and blankets in an incubator, to see this actual intelligence emerge is mind-blowing, just as much as seeing her crawl or walk for the first time – you almost can’t believe it’s happening.  Trying to imagine her as a full-fledged adult like you or me, walking, talking, learning, arguing, etc…  Well, it’s beyond my current powers of imagination

We really do need a proper ‘I love being a dad‘ entry here on The Truth, because I *@#$ing love being a dad.

Childless friends ask, ‘How’s Millie…?‘ and you want to launch into a great uninterrupted hour long monologue about how brilliant it is and what she’s been doing and how funny it was last week when…oh, and that time she…and how her daily reports from nursery bring you close to tears when they say ‘Today I enjoyed singing in the group, playing with the sand and sticking glitter to a picture‘.

And all you ever actually say, in a frankly miraculous feat of self-control, because you don’t want to bore them, is ‘Yeah, she’s fine.

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