Building for sale!

Hello.  Long time no see.

Our house flat maisonette is up for sale.  Go to this website and put  £250,000 in the maximum price and se23 in the area to see.

We’re the Kilmorie Road maisonette on for £249,999.99p.

Ahh, just a little house-buyers’ joke there, ho ho ho.

No, it’s on for £249,995 – at £250,000 the tax on selling your house goes up to 3% (below that it’s only 1%). I can talk about houses and stamp duty and mortgages a lot if you let me.

I try not to, but it’s an effort.

I guess that means we’re properly middle class now.  Which would explain why I’ve developed a taste for houmus and we get a box of organic veg delivered every month. In a desperate attempt to stem the tide, I’ve started swearing unnecessarily and reading the biographies of darts players.

Millie’s vocabulary is steadily increasing.  We’ve now got “Ta” (as in “thank you“) sorted; “DVD“, “ball“, and we seem to have “yes” figured out as well.  I want to check that a bit more, to make sure she’s not simply making a yes-like sound when asked any question.

On Monday I asked her to sit down so I could put her shoes on, and she did; and the excitement on her face when you offer to put the favourite Baby Einstein DVD on (the Mozart one) is something to behold – my heart just melts when she then goes and gets her little red chair from across the room, drags it in front of the TV and climbs into it, sitting there literally quivering with anticipation.

Millie’s also very affectionate at the moment with the Lovely Melanie and myself, and loves being lifted and carried around the house (sorry, the maisonette).

Of course, she’s also learnt how to be a right little madam when she wants to.

Don’t go thinking Millie likes being carried everywhere though – she’s really getting into her walking now, regularly trekking to the end of our street – a good five minute stroll on grown-up legs, for Millie it’s more like 15 minutes!

Also on Monday, I went to see 300 at the cinema in Peckham, and thoroughly enjoyed myself.

It’s from the comic by Frank Miller, who also wrote Sin City, and was filmed using the same greenscreen process as that film, so you kind of know what to expect. And whilst I wouldn’t like to vouch for its’ historical veracity (for starters, I’m pretty certain Spartan children were raised entirely apart from their parents) you do get a real feeling for the thunderous, larger-than-life, legendary nature of the Classical world.

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