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Ever buy one of those albums that you just can’t decide whether you like it or not?
I had a similar problem with Joanna Newsom (I eventually decided I really didn’t like it, except for one good song), and at the moment I’ve got the same problem with Scribble Mural Comic Journal by A Sunny Day In Glasgow.

I bought the album last week, on the strength of a recommendation from the usually reliable Norman Records, heard it once whilst not really actually properly listening and thought ‘Wow!’  But then listened to it again later, this time a bit more closely, and was a bit bored, even annoyed, by it.

Now I’ve heard it again and I’m thinking ‘No, that is pretty good…’

It’s not helped by the fact that I’ve got another album since, Different Places by Plastic Operator, which is instantly accessible and extremely likeable, and which is kind of edging A Sunny Day In Glasgow off the stereo, kind of like the stupid (but funny) friend who always distacts you from talking to another clever and interesting, but shy, friend. (NOTE: no actual friends are being referred to here).

Because in my experience, albums that are instantly accessible and likable aren’t ones that become long-term favourites – it’s the ones that you can’t quite decide upon at first, but don’t actually take an immediate dislike to, those are the ones that stay near the top of your CD collection.

So I’m going to persevere with A Sunny Day In Glasgow.

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