Bouncy castle

We were in the far reaches of west London today for a fantastic birthday party (the 3rd of young Oscar Day, since you’re asking).

Millie’s still not much of a team player (in the sense of ‘playing with other children’) but by god she enjoyed herself this afternoon!

Oscar’s lucky to have such a fine set of parents, since they not only have a sandpit in their back garden, which kept Millie happy for at least 30 minurtes solid, but they had hired a bouncy castle for Oscar.

Now, as usual, Millie was the smallest-child-that-wasn’t-a-baby at the party, but despite the ever-present danger of being crushed by the older children she absolutely loved it.
Hmm, perhaps that didn’t make it quite clear how  much fun she had on that bouncy castle

Millie went absolutely bloody hysterically mental on that bouncy castle!

I’ve seldom seen her laugh and jump and shout and throw herself about with such positively suicidal abandon. Despite being the smallest active child on the castle she was easily one of the bravest: being thrown about all over the place, and only shrieking and laughing harder – especially when joined by her big, fat daddy, whose trampolining antics sent her spinning off all over the place.

Damn, but that girl’s turning out to be a thrillseeker, brave to the point of foolhardy.  And I am so proud of her. 🙂

She loves playing with telephones at the moment; whether it’s my mobile or our landline, she’ll pick up the handset, press a few buttons and shout ‘Hiya!’ down the line.

On the train home from west London, despite being knackered almost beyond endurance she still found the energy to shout ‘Hiya!’ at a man opposite us trying to talk on his phone. Oh, how we would’ve laughed if our London public transport stiff upper lip instincts hadn’t forced us to keep straight faces and just ignore this potential ‘scene’.

And for those of you who checked out the band links in my previous post, they’ve all been superseded by The Bird And The Bee, who have a new single, Again And Again, out very soon. It’s a work of Latin lounge pop genius stuck on continual ‘Repeat’ on my stereo…

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