A manic Bank Holiday weekend

Friday morning, I had a job interview (don’t ask); Friday night, we were in Hatfield; Saturday night, we were in Livingston in Scotland (for a friend’s wedding, after a marathon 7.5 hour drive); Sunday afternoon, we were back in London (arriving by plane, thank goodness), and with my parents staying over; Monday, we were in Albany Park, having another look at our new home.

Last night, we were collapsed in bed watching Ocean’s Eleven (although, I notice ITV decided not to use the possessive apostrophe in Ocean’s – boo ITV!  Bad TV channel!).

Millie had her usual fantastic time with Nanny and Grampy this weekend. I was a bit worried she might be upset at being away from us for so long, but by all accounts she barely notice, which I’m at once proud of and slightly hurt by…

My parents took her to Swindon on Friday, brought her back on Sunday, and were kept extremely busy in-between.  My mum had forgotten when she agreed to look after Millie, that she was away on a hen do that weekend, so my dad would be on his own.

As regular readers will know, my dad has a bad heart, so there were fears that Millie might overtax him a bit (god knows, she overtaxes me occasionally!). However, my brother and his girlfriend came over from Bristol to help out.

I think everyone involved had a lovely time, but we were so glad to see her again on Sunday. It was only two days, and we weren’t pining away the whole time, but we did miss having her around in Scotland, and got a little impatient Sunday afternoon waiting for my parents to arrive back…

Millie’s newest trick seems to be ‘reading’.  She’ll sit down with a copy of Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About Anarchism…But Were Afraid To Ask, open it up and babble away for about 20 seconds, just as though she were reading it out loud.  Even better than that, she’ll also give you a kiss if you ask her – ‘Millie, can you give daddy a kiss?‘ will see her walk over to you, say ‘Maah!‘ and put her face against yours. 

It’s just brilliant – I can’t recommend it highly enough, both for comedy value and pure feel-good factor!

We also went for a second look at our new £243,000 home in Albany Park, this time determined to be as negative and cynical as possible about it.

We also took my parents along, too – as a pair of more practical and objective eyes.

But Albany Park, even in the freezing wind and rain, was still a lovely place, and the house was just as nice as we remembered it – perhaps nicer.  So much so that despite my phobia of moving house (the physical removal bit, with all the boxes and packing and stuff) I can honestly say that I’m really looking forward to moving house!

We are trying so hard to be a bit cagey about this move, after we (stupidly! stupid-stupid-stupid-stupidly!) bought our current place on the strength of a single 10-minute viewing.  There are, I suppose, the mitigating circumstances of the stress of Millie’s arrival at the time, which completely scrambled our critical faculties, but we basically bought a moneypit, and have been simultaneously repenting and trying to knock it into the semblance of a home ever since.

Well, sod that.  The new house, as best anyone can tell, is in excellent order: if we have the time and the disposition to we might decide to redecorate a bit, but builders and extensive repairs will not be required.

Three more things.

  1. The Truth really needs archiving.  Good web design dictates that a webpage shouldn’t be more than 3 screens long, and I think we’re currently up to something like 25 screens on here.  When I have a quiet moment I intend to not only archive most of it, but also look into somehow keeping it much shorter all the time.
  2. Wednesday night I should be on the guest list to see my superstar mates the Manic Street Preachers play at the Astoria, and I’m going to the aftershow party  (actually, technically, they’re mates of a mate, rather than my superstar mates, but, you know…)  so I’ve booked Thursday off work.
  3. Flickrvision – a mesmerising site that combines Google Maps and Flickr to create a real-time slideshow of what people are taking pictures of, and where, all over the planet.  I can watch this for hours…

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