Yahoo! or boo-hoo?

A dramatic week at work as Yahoo! has announced some major redundancies (you may have seen on the news).  Still no idea whether I and/or others in my team might be in line for the chop, but everyone’s surprisingly upbeat about it, albeit there is a lot of black humour abroad in the office at the moment.

I’m reasonably impressed with the way Yahoo! are handling this though.  They are, for the most part, being upfront and honest about things, and making a great show of consulting everyone and casting around for opinions and ideas about the ‘best’ way to do this.  Certainly, I seem to have spent most of the last couple of days in consultative meetings; at least, when I wasn’t working from home on Tuesday and Wednesday.

I like working at Yahoo! and would be sad to have to leave, not only because I have a mortgage to pay and mouths to feed.

Still, we shall see how things go.

I’m going to forget about it for now and enjoy the weekend.  Millie and I are going to an arts and craft morning at the local library tomorrow, and then my parents are coming to visit so the Lovely Melanie and I can go out together at the same time simultaneously Saturday night.

Sunday, we’re swimming, as usual, possibly even with grandparents; if not then at least with Baby Amber, who hasn’t been in the pool for ages.  It might force her to close her mouth for a bit, as she’s been rather too vocal this past week, demanding to be amused or picked up or paid god damn attention to every 30 seconds.  It’s been like being in a nest with one of those baby birds you see on documentaries, the ones with their mouths open and squawking for something or other.  You’ll wave a toy at her or pick her up, she’ll smile for 30 seconds (40 seconds if you lift her right up to the ceiling), then it’s back to business as usual: yelling, bad-temperedly.

I’m even supposed to be playing football on Clapham Common in the afternoon, but I’ll believe that when I see it.

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