Millie’s going to her first Halloween party on Saturday afternoon, in Hatfield at the house of some friends.  She’ll probably enjoy that a lot, but there’s a genuine danger of the girl wetting herself when she sees the witches’ costume the Lovely Melanie has secretly bought her to wear!

She already knows we’re going to the party, and knows about the costume but has yet to actually see it, this modern miracle of plastic hat and cape bought from the local shop – nothing too fancy.  Still, casting my rusty memory back to when I was small, I would have loved it.

And if I think I’d have loved it then it’s a safe bet Millie might need to wear a nappy!

She’s already promised not to scare Granddad too much as it’s only (pre)‘tending.

Let’s hope I don’t get scared too much tonight, either, when I go on a ‘ghost walk’ around New Cross – free, courtesy of the barmy – but likeable and enthusiastic – South East London Folklore Society.

And Bubbah A?  She’s started making some new noises now as a prelude to doing some actual talking.  The Lovely Melanie also says they were playing peek-a-boo yesterday, and that the Bubbah was doing it, too – that it wasn’t the one-sided game it so often is with the Bubbah.  This morning she’d learnt how to throw her ‘puter off her high chair.  It’s not really a (com)’puter, it’s a sort of activity centre with rubber stickers on the bottom so we can stick it to the table on her high chair – where she’ll happily spend entire minutes playing with it.  Anyway, she’s learned how to peel it off the table and throw it to the floor, which she finds hilarious.  As does her big sister, of course!

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