Big bubbahs, no troubles

Baby A was officially weighed at 15 and a half pounds yesterday.  Well done, Bubbah!

We’re not making anything like as much fuss about her weight as we did about Millie’s because…well, because the Bubbah didn’t start off at 1lb 7oz.  Still, it’s nice to know she’s going along well.  Oddly, she is, like her sister, right near the bottom of the weight gain curve, which is the line on the graph of time x weight-gain which children follow – and if they don’t then there’s probably something wrong.  Millie was/is bumping along the bottom because of her prematurity, but the Bubbah is apparently just quite small.

Of course, this does tend to mess up my perception of young children’s ages – kids always look older than they are to me because they’re usually bigger than I expect.  You may recall that strangers quite often thought Millie was terribly clever because despite being the size of a one-year-old she was actually two!  This has worked against me once or twice, however, when I started talking to small children expecting at least some sort of reply, but the stupid backwards child in question doesn’t say a word.  ‘Perhaps they’re shy,’ I think, and try again, only to have their parent come over and  quietly inform me that they can’t actually talk yet, being only nine months old. (Blush)

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