Gearing up…

Preparations are proceeding apace for tomorrow’s party.  There are delicious cakes lying around in the kitchen just gagging to be eaten (but guarded by a fierce note saying ‘Hands Off!’ – bah!), the Tesco man is on his way with more goodies, and the postman continues to pile up cards and presents at our door.

I think it’s safe to say that Amber’s first birthday party will be great fun.  Almost all of our immediate family are making the journey to Bexley, plus a very few close friends.  We wanted to invite more, but our house isn’t that big unfortunately, so apologies to anyone waiting in vain for an invitation.  Maybe next year?

I’ve also had a brilliant idea for Millie’s birthday at the end of June, that we could have a party in the woods behind our house!  Wouldn’t that be cool?  And it means we could invite an almost unlimited number of people!  With Bubbah’s birthday being in the middle of chilly February it isn’t really practical to do that for her, though – sorry, Amber G!

And tonight we’re having our pseudo-regular boys’ film night, in which a group of otherwise intelligent men gather at someone’s house to watch rubbish films (and take the piss out of them).  Although…I say ‘rubbish’, but we’ve inadvertently discovered some gems in the past: Bubba Ho-tep, Zu: Warriors From The Magic Mountain and Kung Fu Hustle among them.

Tonight’s film?  Crank, a film that Mike, who has a PhD so should probably know better, has been nagging us to watch for months, and we’ve finally given in.

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