The life of Riley

This is the life: I’m working from home today, a bit of a last minute decision, but all of my team is today because we’re working on some pretty dull and long-winded projects at the moment and this is some kind of  compensation.

But I’m not only working from home – I’m working from home in the garden – out in the sun, surrounded by birds, flowers and nature, and toasting the very good health of the inventors of the latop that enable me to do this. 🙂

And, much as the Lovely Melanie and I are missing Millie…it’s lovely and quiet round here. 😉

We spoke briefly to my parents last night on Skype, and a breathless Millie tried to fill us in on what she’d been up to so far, but was too excited and hyper to really do so. 🙂  Which was reassuring, as I was a tiny bit concerned she’d be worried about being there without us (she is only three and a half, remember).

But we needn’t have worried – she seems to be having the time of her life in Swindon.

I have a new phone, too.  Well, it’s new for me, but is second-hand.

My other phone suddenly turned very temperamental about receiving or sending texts and calls (thus making it not really “a phone” at all).  As ever, it was eBay to the rescue however and I now have a battered but perfectly functional Sony-Ericsson K800 model.

And if you can explain to me why this three year old model with only half the megapixelage not only takes vastly superior pictures to the Samsung F480 I recently dumped, but also never loses reception when in our house then I shall be very interested to hear from you.

Oh, and here’s a picture of Amber snapped with the K800 earlier today.

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