There is so much snot filling my upper body that I’m only surprised my body hasn’t become dehydrated from the effort of producing it all.  No matter how many times and how relentlessly hard I blow my nose it’s always refilled within five minutes.  If my snot had any kind of monetary value then I could be a rich man by now…

And Millie, this morning, was so supine she was almost comatose.  When I came out of the shower and saw her bedroom door was open I popped my head in only to find an absence of Millie.  She was eventually discovered looking rather sorry for herself in my bed.

Despite complaining of a “poorly tummy” an infusion of Cheerios eventually roused her, and further improvements were seen following oral ingestion of a fruit bar on the way to nursery (not the whole fruit bar, however, as a hungry eagle-eyed Bubbah had to be placated with some, too).

Hopefully Millie is just very tired, still recovering from an exhaustingly fun three days at Nanny and Grampy’s house.

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