Sore eyes, Wales

Not much has been happening worth mentioning here the last couple of days – which is just as well since work has gotten so busy I’ve had permanently sore eyes from staring at a screen all day: the last thing I’ve been wanting to do is write on this blog.

And there won’t be much for a few days now, since the Lovely Melanie and I are off to Cardiff for a wedding this weekend.  The girls are staying at home with Grandma and Granddad, and we get a glorious two days and night away.  The Lovely Melanie keeps saying ‘I’m going to miss my girls…‘, to which I reply, ‘Yeah, so am I – but not too much.‘ 😛

I had been thinking about taking my work laptop with me to Cardiff so I could still check email or update here…but I probably won’t.  Although…I have recently figured out how to connect my laptop to the internet via Bluetooth through my ‘phone, so it might be interesting to take that for a test drive in Wales…

And here is a live map of edits on Wikipedia. Surprisingly compelling…

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