Morning sunshine

It was almost too cute to leave home this morning.  Today isn’t a nursery day (the Lovely Melanie only works Monday to Wednesday, remember) which means we’ve got more time and there are two parents on hand, which means half the stress and twice the fun…somehow.  Work that algebra out, if you can.

After breakfast Millie went upstairs, put her CD player on and was dancing and singing along in her room to a CD of nursery rhymes.  That alone was cute enough to stop me getting ready for a bit.  She was in a good mood, too, and had already joined us in bed earlier this morning to play “Climb The Mountain” and “Earthquakes”: the former involves her climbing to the top of a “mountain” made out of my legs under the duvet, and the latter is basically stage two of the same game – once you’ve climbed to the top of the mountain there’s inevitably an “earthquake” where I open my legs and Millie falls down between them.

Oh, and there’s a third bit as well, where Millie laughs hysterically as I open and close my duvet-wrapped legs shouting “Nom nom nom!” pretending she’s being eaten.

Anyway, the whole family soon ended up in Millie’s room to watch her dancing, and since I’m going out to a SELFS lecture straight from work tonight I could stay and play for longer than usual  (yay! Everyone’s a winner!)

eBubs, whenever they go into Millie’s room these days, like nothing more than to pull all the books out from under her bed until they find “Mr Impossible”, which is smaller than the others – more eBub-sized – and “read” that.  eBubs love looking at books – they’ll look at them for ages (whole minutes, which is ages for an eBub).

I wonder if she’s going to be a reader just like her sister.  I hope so – if either of them became good at sport then the Lovely Melanie and I would obviously encourage them as much as possible, but to be honest we’d both be happier if they were a bit cleverer and a bit more sedentary – like what we is!

eBubs also like to play with Millie’s drum, too and pretend to brush their hair with Millie’s brush – put a hairbrush into the hands of an eBub at the moment and they’ll start to brush their own hair, then reach for yours (an eBub will reach for mine, too…then see it’s not really worth it).

While Millie continued to dance and sing eBub was doing her best to join in by crawling around the room, but her babygrow was a bit large (as so many of them are for her – she’s quite small) so her feet keep coming out of its legs leaving her looking like a mermaid!

And tomorrow (Good Friday) we’ve got a car hired for the weekend: it’s Swindon until Sunday, then hopefully a day trip to Margate on Easter Monday – unless it’s raining, in which case we’re planning to visit a castle.  There are loads of the damn things in Kent, and following our visit to Caerphilly a couple of weeks back sans girls we thought that Millie, at least, would enjoy running around some ramparts and keeps, not to mention seeing the actual places where princesses in films live…

And nothing whatsoever to do with any of the previous, here’s my Link Of The Day – Faces In Places – which always cheers me up. 🙂

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