Don’t get too excited, but I’m on Twitter – only with a dumb twist!

Because I can’t properly see the point of Twitter yet I’ll be “twittering” fridge magnet poetry, mainly because I’ve just bought a new app for my iPod Touch that lets you write – you guessed it! – fridge magnet poetry on your iPod Touch.

Touch Poet is one of a hundred silly apps I’ve downloaded for the Touch, but it has a function to upload your creations to Twitter, and although I registered the trusty StuPC moniker on Twitter ages ago it’s been languishing ever since.

I confess, I don’t really get Twitter – what it’s for, why I’d want to follow people’s lives on it, know what they’re having for tea, whether they’re bored – whatever.  In its defence, however, I do get Facebook, even though I know a lot of people don’t, so for that very same reason I’m going to give this Twitter thing a brief go.

Look for StuPC at

Or not – it’s doubtful there’ll be much earth-shattering wisdom to be found there…

This is terribly frustrating and maybe a symptom of incipient senility, but while preparing breakfast this morning I had a great idea for a humourous post…but have since completely forgotten everything about it except that:

  • I had the idea
  • it was a great one
  • it was quite humourous

Trust me, your sides would’ve been splitting and I’d have probably gotten the offer of a comedy series on BBC3 from it.


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