Fashion King!

I choose the clothes I wear with a bit of care – I like to wear things that make me think, “yeah, I look GOOD, baby!”  Which isn’t to say I spend a lot of money on my clothes (what, and lose the thrill of finding an amazing bargain?!) and  I certainly don’t waste my time with idiotic so-called designer labels of any sort.

But I do spend a bit of time looking for slightly unusual things that catch my eye (usually on eBay because of the incredible variety as well as the prices) – yours truly is assuredly not the type to nip into Peacocks twice a year and buy exactly the same beige shirt and comfort-fit blue jeans I bought before.  My look may be a bit idiosyncratic at times, but I like that.

So I was obscurely pleased when a “Little Miss Sunshine” summer dress I bought on impulse for Millie a couple of months back turned out to look so lovely on her – it turns out I can choose girls’ clothes, too, with some modicum of success!

And it’s so much more fun dressing girls, I think.  Boys, as the Lovely Melanie has mentioned before – even very small boys – have nowhere near the same variety of clothes as girls and tend not to look as cute as girls in them.  Which is not to say they never look cute, but it seems to be a sort of “pageboy” cuteness, when dressed up smartly or in a faux uniform; otherwise they wear jeans and t-shirts the same as most older boys – and most men, for that matter.

Millie and Amber can wear all types of different things, from boys clothes to girlie dresses so frilly you can’t actually see their faces – and no one bats an eyelid (except for the infamous occasion when Millie wore the “I’ve done f*#& all today” t-shirt we bought her).  Which is just another reason why, when well-meaning people joke, “Ooh, you’re outnumbered in your house, aren’t you?” I say that it doesn’t bother me in the slightest – and the older the girls get the more I think that, actually, I prefer having girls.

Remind of this entry when the girls are in their teens and I’m reduced to spending every night down the pub, eh? 😉


  1. I tried to take one this morning but she wouldn’t sit still long enough.
    Mel’s with her all day – ask her, I’m at work!

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