Helpline frontline!

Nearly forgot – my first shift on the BLISS helpline went very smoothly last night, thanks for asking.

At 7pm I nervously signed onto the computerised system (which forwards calls to the BLISS helpline to my home telephone number).

Two minutes later, would you believe it, the damn phone rang!

Hello, this is the BLISS helpline.  Can I help you?” I said, trying to sound sympathetic and laidback, but simultaneously serious and capable.

What I was thinking was, “What the hell?  A call?  After two minutes??  I thought they said you could go weeks without a single call on your watch??  Have I inadvertently signed in during the rush hour??  Am I going to spend all night on the ‘phone??  Aye caramba!”

It turned out to be the only call I got last night, and it was from a lady who actually needed to speak to the BLISS office, not me.  Phew!

And just in case you’re interested, or you’ve come to this page by mistake looking for proper BLISS information, the helpline number is 0500 618 140

Note: that’s the helpline, not the official office number – the official office number is 020 7378 1122)

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