Millie’s tantrums are becoming a bit wearing at the moment.

One second she’s fine – maybe helping Amber or playing happily by herself – but then we ask her to do something completely innocuous such as get dressed or clean her teeth and she’ll just go off on one:  shouting, yelling, storming off and bursting into hysterical tears. 😦

When getting dressed this morning she put her pants on back-to-front.

Millie, luv, come here, you’ve put your pants on backwards.

NO!  I want them on that way!  I want to wear them my Millie way!

Right, firstly, you need to stop shouting at me; second, you need to put your pants on the right way or they’ll be uncomfortable, you silly sausage.

NOOOOO!  No!  No!  No!”  – she storms out – “I am not staying here!  I am leaving!

Leaving me alone in the bedroom blinking in bemusement.

Mostly, it’s not even making me angry, having to deal with this kind of thing; mostly it’s making me slightly sad and tired because there’s no rhyme or reason to it.  And when Nice Millie switches to Evil Millie you can’t even talk to her, she just shouts nonsense words over the top of whatever you’re saying.

And then she gets toys or her ’nuffle taken away.

And that sends her completely off into the tantrum stratosphere, where she can’t even think because she’s so cross.

So then we have to put her in her room on her own for five minutes until she calms down.

This usually works (but not always – Millie can really sustain a tantrum now) and then we sit down and discuss how to behave and how anything up to 15 minutes has been wasted on pointless histrionics which could have been spent on something fun if only Millie had just put her pants on the right way round. 😦

eBub usually sits there watching these displays of Millie’s with wide eyes and an open mouth, but don’t be fooled, she has her own little eBub moments: literally screeching like some kind of bird of prey because no one has given her their constant, 100% undivided attention in the last 30 seconds.

It’s the Dark Side of parenting.

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