Yesterday, as part of my job, I happened to end up on the website of a company selling sandals.

(Not an immediately captivating start to a post, I know, but bear with me).

This website had a variety of sandals for sale – some were quite nice – but what caught my eye was that none of them cost less than £150, most of them cost more than £500, while a couple even reached the insane heights of a grand – £1,000!

I… I… Just…  Words failed me (good old reliable swearing was up to the task, but this is a family blog so…)

Who on earth is so monumentally stupid as to ever spend that much on a single pair of sandals?

I mean, really?!  Of all the things you could spend £1,000 on – all the good you might do in the world with that much money.  Imagine: all the people you could help; the good causes you could support; the plants or animals you might preserve; the lives you might even save…

But no: you spend it on a pair of sandals.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I appreciate the odd luxury, the occasional “nice thing” – I can even imagine spending, say, £50-60 on some footwear; a really incredibly nice pair of shoes, perhaps – maybe some jet boots, or the idea Trevor Bayliss had for putting some piezoelectric crystals in the heel of some shoes so they can charge batteries or run an mp3 player as you walk.  Was it Trevor Bayliss?  I think it was Trevor Bayliss…  Anyway –

I would never actually spend that much, but I can, at least, hold the idea in my brain without feeling the need to shoot somebody.

But £1,000??  How rich and thick and insecure and desperate-to-impress do you have to be to spend such a ludicrous amount on a pair of sandals, for goodness’ sake?

Ahh.  I am a more worldly-wise and slightly sadder StuPC today. 😦



  1. All I remember is they were made by some idiot called Marc Jacobs. Alas, I’ve lost the link – plus, I really don’t want to go encouraging that kind of thing by linking to it.

    Take my word for it, they were nothing special – not like the jet boots I linked to!!

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