Those new shoes in full

I was ambushed this morning by a very excited Millie who was desperate to show me her new shoes and her new hair bands.

The new shoes are pink.  They have white butterflies on them.  They have Velcro fasteners.  They have something on the bottom of them – I’m not entirely sure what since I didn’t have my glasses on at the time.

And then Millie rather ran out of things to tell me about them, so she moved on to Amber’s new shoes.

Amber is loving the new shoes, by all accounts.  I think they make it far easier for her to walk because they’re proper shoes made of leather, rather than sort of canvas containers for feet, which is what all baby shoes are.

So now she’s wandering around the house picking up stuff wherever she finds it and handing it to whoever happens to be nearby.  She’ll bring you a magazine or a spoon or a bag of nappies and you have to say, “Thank you, eBub,” at which she’ll give you a simply enormous grin before wandering off in search of new things to pick up and carry around.

We’ve noticed she’s getting quite good at understanding language, too.  If you ask her where Millie is or where the nappies are, or if you mention, for example, socks, then she’ll look or point at them.

She’s also getting a bit cheeky, too.  She enjoys being a bit naughty – and you can tell by the look in her eye that she’s deliberately disobeying you; or maybe not “disobeying”, but doing something that she knows she probably shouldn’t, like throwing food.  Mark my words: Amber’s going to be a terror when she gets a bit older…

But forget about the children, because this evening myself and the Lovely Melanie (remember her?) are going out together!  Without any children at all!  Our friend Liz is babysitting and we are going to see the wonderful North Sea Radio Orchestra play a free gig at Brixton Library.

I’ve seen them before, on my own, and they were bloody marvellous, so seeing them in the company of my beautiful wife tonight should be extra super-duper bloody marvellous. 🙂

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