“Wait – he’s WHO???”

After a long time having to buy my own lunch I – and the rest of my department – finally got taken out for a free lunch at work today, and I can confidently say that the steak at Kettner’s is well worth £22.

A pretty important guy in Yahoo! was over to tell us about some exciting new developments and he generously took us all out to lunch and paid for it, which was nice. 🙂

I accidentally ended up sitting next to him at lunch and he was a nice guy.  We didn’t have a great deal in common, but I did manage to dredge up a bit of small talk (not one of my most saleable skills, I confess) and thoroughly enjoyed my meal.

Now, it turns out that he’s not “a pretty important guy“, but rather he’s the Ultimate Supreme Boss of Search here at Yahoo!

Gulp!  You better believe I’ve been trying to remember exactly what I said at that meal!

Speaking to my boss this afternoon, she thought this was just hilarious as her boss has been trying to get to speak to this guy for months!  That’s her boss, two levels above me, and he’s two levels below my lunch partner!

Did you ask him about getting more people?  What did he say about expansion?  Did you mention…?  What did he say about…?

Even better than that!  We joked about his love of tabasco sauce, discussed our steaks, the new iPhone model and (briefly) comics.


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