Even I was clucking around Millie like an old mother hen this morning, instead of the usual, “Oh, she’ll be fine, stop fussing” nonchalance, which is my default fathering style.

The Lovely Melanie has just left with both the girls – AmberG is being dropped off first for a normal day at nursery, then it’s back here to Big School to drop Millie off for three hours of settling in.  It’s an unwieldy arrangement, but nursery is a bus ride away, whilst school is almost literally at the bottom of our garden; plus, school starts promptly at 8.50, whereas Amber can be dropped off at nursery anytime.  So we’re trying to figure out if it’s more efficient to drop Amber off bright and early then come back to drop Millie at 8.50 or wait till 8.50, drop Millie off then take Amber to nursery, then catch the train to work.

And we’re trying not to even think about half-terms and school holidays at the moment…

(See also, next year’s photo)


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