Millie has started full-time at school today – 8.50am till 3.15.  She did an almost full day yesterday, 10.30am till 3.15 and seemed to enjoy it just as much as any of the previous half-days.

With her being so small still we did worry that it might be a bit of a long day for her, but she came out absolutely full of beans, all ready to help me with some shopping and collecting Amber from nursery.  It’s an exhausting job at the moment because the streets of Sidcup (where nursery is) are all being dug up at the moment and the traffic in the mornings and evenings is a bona fide nightmare – I’m talking about 10 minute bus journeys that are currently taking over an hour during rush hour.

I thought we were being pretty clever in getting the train instead, but it’s a far from perfect solution.  The bus stop is about three minutes walk from our house.  The train station is ten (more like 15 with a Millie in tow).  The bus stop at the other end is, again, about three minutes walk from nursery.  The train station is about ten minutes and all uphill.

So the only real plus to taking the train was that we get more exercise.

Still, it was worth it when we got there to find AmberG sat round the table with all of her little friends having dinner, and all looking so cute that I wanted to take a picture.  Unfortunately you’re not allowed to take pictures of other people’s children at nursery any more.   It’s the law.

Probably something to do with paedophiles or something.  Bloody paedos and overprotective parents spoiling it for everyone else!

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