I am quite impressed.

I am quite really impressed by the latest version of Picasa, the free photo viewing software, which now has face recognition built into it.

And face recognition that really works!  Not only can it pick out almost all of the faces in photos, but it can tell you who they are, too!

Obviously, you have to start by telling Picasa who’s who in your photos but once it has a handle on your friends and family it’s scarily good at labelling those people and finding more photos of them!

I was particularly impressed with what a good job it did with my mum: having seen lots of recent photos it also recognised her in a wedding photo from way back in 1971.

Now, my mum looks very good for her age, but she really doesn’t look 21 any more!

Picasa also did a surprisingly decent job with photos of Millie, who obviously looks very different now from when she was born.  It spotted her in pictures that even I had to look twice at.

The final lovely thing is that it will group all of your pictures of someone together.  That might sound a bit obvious, but seeing tens or even hundreds of pictures of someone at once really shows you how they’ve changed over the years.

I’d be interested to see how it copes with photos on the website Faces In Places…

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