Cough puff huff hack

One thing is for sure, as Han Solo once pointed out – we’re all going to be a lot thinner. Not because I’m trapped in a garbage compactor on the detention level of a Death Star but because the girls’ new routine for getting to nursery is rather more high impact than I’d anticipated.
We’re up earlier and need to be out the door and on a bus earlier, lest the rush hour of doom catch us in it’s leaden clutches.
Then, with Amber safe at nursery, Millie and I need to catch a train back home – the rush hour of doom being now in full swing the buses can’t be trusted so we have to race for the train station.
This morning was the first trial run of the new routine, and although I’m now sweaty, puffing and stiff it was otherwise very successful.
So successful, in fact, that Millie and I were early so we got to pop back home and get our breath back a little.
Millie will be going to her first session of after-school club today, something she’s not 100% happy about and it’s making both the Lovely Melanie and myself feel a bit guilty. Given the choice we’d rather be there to pick her up straight after school; capitalism these days demands, however, that we both be in work.
Still, at least I’ll be a bit thinner – no bad thing, believe me! 😉

And would you believe it, this entry was written and uploaded on the railway station platform using my iPhone!

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