Um, yes, definitely going to be a lot thinner, I think…

But I do get to see more of the girls in the morning, which is nice.

Well, more of Millie, at least – it’s about the same of the eBub.

At the moment I get up at 6.30, and have a shower, then wake Millie and help her get dressed.  Then it’s my turn to get dressed and Millie and I wake the eBub so all three of us can go downstairs for breakfast.  Today, it was Cheerios, a nice change after a couple of weeks of bran flakes (yes, my children love bran flakes – is that weird?)

Breakfast is about 15-20 minutes, after which everyone goes back upstairs to clean their teeth; then it’s time to put shoes on, coats on, eBubs in eBuggies, packed lunches and book bags in Millie hands and we walk to the bus stop and wait for the bus to nursery in Sidcup.

On a very bad day we might have to wait ten minutes.

At this time (7.40am-ish) it takes about ten minutes to get there.  We drop eBub off at nursery, which takes another five minutes, then Millie and I walk down the hill to Sidcup station for the train back to Albany Park.

The walk down takes about ten minutes, the train journey about three minutes; fortunately we’re going against the rush hour flow so the train is usually empty.  Off the train and up the stairs ready for another ten minute walk from Albany Park station to Millie’s school, usually with Millie on my shoulders at least some of the way.

Millie is dropped off at the school gates now, so I kiss her goodbye, wave until she rounds the corner and set off on another ten minute walk back to Albany Park to catch the train into Charing Cross and a full day’s work.

At least the train is nearly empty as it’s gone nine o’clock so rush hour is mostly done with.

Sweating, I sit down to read my book and try to avoid thinking about doing the same thing again tomorrow – and for years to come!

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