Bagtime blues

Don’t you just hate it when the bag you’re carrying Millie’s shoes in turns out not to be a bag at all but merely a cylinder of polythene with handles at one hand and a fold at the other?

Ooh, I do!

Rain rain rain today (and wind wind wind, for that matter) so whilst AmberG was bundled up in in the buggy under her raincover Millie and I had to brave the full force of the elements.  It was so wet, however, that she wore wellies out and I put her shoes in a bag to change into once she was safely at school.

Or I thought it was a bag.  We were pretty lucky not to lose them, since after dropping AmberG at the nursery the shoes fell out of the bag.  It was sheer luck that I noticed them and thought, “How queer!” (or something to that effect).  Since I was holding this very small bag by its handles the shoes falling out like that would be…well, queer!

I grabbed them off the floor, put them back in the bag…and they fell straight back onto the floor!

Turns out that the bag, as already explained, wasn’t your boring old traditional idea of a bag: this was a modern and exciting reinterpretation of the  whole “bag” concept – so radical a reinterpretation, in fact, that it had quite lost its original function.  Stick a designer label on it, call it an iBag or something and you could make a fortune!

While we’re on the subject of shoes, I read somewhere recently that you could clean and shine shoes with a banana skin, so while home alone with Millie’s shoes and a banana skin on Saturday night I decided to try this out.

Admittedly, my tests were far from exhaustive, but have led me to conclude that you cannot clean and shine shoes with a banana skin.

One comment

  1. These are Irish bags and they are already in random production and sold to major Super markets and found on those rolls of sandwich bags.

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