More ice chaos

More ice chaos this morning (as you might have guessed from the title).  Despite moving the car from the fiendish deathtrap garages it still took AmberG and myself five minutes to go two metres this morning. Every time I v-e-r-y slowly tried to move the car it would go forward a few centimetres and then slide comfortably back, as though it particularly liked that position.

We don’t live on a massive hill or anything, but it was parked on the very short, very gentle slope that leads from the garages to the road, and even that was too much for it.  I racked my brains trying to remember how to get cars moving on ice (salting the road in front of us was out as I’d poured all our salt on the path from the house to the car – which made an impressive crackling sound but no real difference to the ice).

Just as I was about to ring the hire company and say “Umm, I can’t bring your car back, it is being most uncooperative and is a very naughty car,” I suddenly remembered that steering to one side, i.e., off the current patch of ice and onto a different one, might help.  And it did.  We inched painfully forward under some remarkable clutch control, and just about made it off the ice and onto some beautiful black, sticky tarmac.

Like the pope arriving on a foreign visit I nearly got out and kissed the ground!

AmberG, sat in the back, thought it was hilarious shouting “Wheeeee!” the whole time, and once we were off the ice I joined her, both of us yelling “Wheeee!” each time we turned a corner or went over a hill. 😀

I was still a bit nervous, however, when after dropping her off at nursery, I had to take her car seat back home before returning the hire car, so I parked halfway up the street and carried the seat the rest of the way.

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