Millie and the Princess of the Moon

One good thing about the current sub-zero weather is that I couldn’t go to the cinema last night to see Avatar in 3D (at Peckham, so it’s only £2.99 on a Tuesday) because I was scared I might not be able to get back – particularly following the trauma of Monday night, trying to get home, slightly the worse for wear following my departmental Christmas meal and watching the departures board at Charing Cross as every train on it was either cancelled or delayed (sometimes both!)

I left the pub at about 9.30 and walked in the front door at about 12.30.

But I was saying one good thing about the weather is that because I couldn’t go to the cinema last night I stayed in and finally finished Millie’s Christmas present, a book called Millie and the Princess of the Moon.  The Lovely Melanie, who works in publishing so has final say on such matters, has pronounced it acceptable – excellent, even – which is extremely gratifying given the amount of time I’ve spent on the thing (about 20 hours, give or take an hour or two).

I did the same thing last year, write, illustrate and make the whole thing, to produce a masterpiece called Millie In The Woods which has, gratifyingly, become an occasional bedtime favourite.  So I decided to do the same again – except that this year I forgot that Millie is a bit older and so needs a story correspondingly longer and more complex.

But Millie and the Princess of the Moon is finally finished, which means I can go out for a quiet drink with friends tonight safe in the knowledge that my work as a father is complete.  At least for this year – the Lovely Melanie has pointed out that to be scrupulously fair I need to write a book for Amber next year, and that’s assuming Millie doesn’t ask for another one!

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