Birthday film night

Hey, thanks to everyone who came along to my mine and Simon’s Birthday Film Night last night.  It may have been a considerably more sedate birthday extravaganza than previous years but I still didn’t get to bed until 6.30. 😛

Extra thanks to Si and Jo for letting all those people squeeze into their living room, for preparing some nice food and putting up with the not inconsiderable mess produced when you squeeze 14 drunk people into one room to watch Mega Shark Vs. Giant Octopus.

On the subject of Mega Shark Vs. Giant Octopus, it’s a film so staggeringly bad that watching it with 14 drunk people is a guaranteed great night!  Watching it on your own, I would imagine…not so much.

What else did we watch…?  Um, I seem to recall we saw The Thing, Sexy Beast, All Tomorrow’s Parties, half of Poultrygeist and half of 30 Days Of Night. (I wanted to see all of 30 Days but it was time to go home by then…)

I really wanted to come home at about 2am, but the way home was a tortuous and difficult sequence of lengthy bus rides, so I stuck it out till 6am and caught the first train home.  I stopped drinking about 1,30am, too, which I was unspeakably glad about this morning, since I was only mildly hung over.

Yesterday, my 38th birthday, I took off work and stayed at home building my Saturn V Airfix model kit.  It’s fiddly work and I haven’t gotten very far yet (largely because of having to wait for paint to dry) but it’s coming along.  Millie was astonished at how anyone could be that old and the Lovely Melanie made me a delicious moon cake (pictured).

Tomorrow, my parents are coming to visit and I’ve press-ganged everyone into visiting the Thames Barrier.  I want to see this engineering marvel – and as luck woukld have it there’s an award-winning park there to keep the kids happy, too!


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