I may have just been the first person in the world to ever put a series of words together in such a sequence so as to ask: Is the sun ambiguous?

In the context of my job it’s a perfectly serious question with a perfectly proper answer…but I thought it was funny…



  1. Sorry – here’s a random comment…just noticed you are now in WordPress, not on Facebook notes.You been here a while? Did it all export straight across? Really like your blog and your style, my friend. BTW, didn’t realise you were writing for a real live grown up living (your reviews and such like). Lucky you. Love to you and Mel x


  2. I’ve been blogging for about four years, Karen (actually, longer than that, but didn’t archive before that). I moved to WordPress from my old webspace (still there at http://www.stupc.co.uk) just because WordPress is so much easier. As for Facebook…well, I just happened to notice that you could link blogs to FB accounts a couple of months back – so I did!

    And thank you for the warm words about the writing here, it’s much appreciated and has made me blush. πŸ™‚
    As for the other writing, I used to do a lot more of it before we had Amber, but the desire to do it inexplicably fell off once we had two children to look after. πŸ˜›
    I never ever made a living from it; rather, I got books that I would probably have bought anyway sent to me for free to review, which was nice!
    lovely to be able to catch up with you guys again, by the way – no one else of all our mutual acquaintances here in London has children and they mostly only tolerate ours, which makes me a bit sad at times as I rather imagined the girls growing up amidst an extended family of “aunties and uncles”. How’s the family network in NZ, any better?


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