Party Party Party!

First of all, here’s what Amber spent most of her birthday doing.

Second of all, thanks to everyone who came to her birthday party yesterday.  I hope you all had a great time – it certainly seemed like everyone had a great time, not least the birthday girl herself, who by the end was so full of cake and crisps and, erm, cucumber, that I’m surprised she could move.

That said, she spent so much time scampering about the place that I’m surprised she found time to eat any cake, crisps or cucumber!

Particular thanks to my brother, Rich, a paramedic, for bringing some small bits of basic medical equipment to show Millie, so that she’s a bit more confident about going in for her operation on Wednesday.  We really did appreciate that, Rich. 🙂

There are some photos that I’m going to put up, but sadly our trusty old Konica-Minolta Z1 is dying, so I need to do a bit of post-processing work on them.  It’s been getting worse and worse at focusing and actually taking pictures for a while, and now the colours and the darker areas on its pictures have gone a bit mad, too, so forgive the quality until we can get a new camera.

I’m going to miss the old Z1; it was a bit bulky to carry around sometimes, but took a lot of punishment without any complaint and really showed me the difference a halfway decent camera could make to the quality of your photos.  Bye-bye, Z1 – you may be gone, but your snaps will live on in Picasa forever! 😛

Finally, after Amber’s party I went to see Frans Lanting’s LIFE: A Journey Through Time at the Barbican (for only £7 you can’t really go wrong, I think).  And it was nice.  If you like well-honed PowerPoint presentations with music provided by the London Symphony Orchestra then you’d love this.

As it was, I thought it was nice.

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