Eye op

Millie’s had her eye operation at Queen Mary’s Hospital in Sidcup, is back home and has just gone to bed, exhausted.

Well done to everyone concerned – thanks to QM Hospital, who couldn’t have treated us and Millie better.  They were so good with her – sensitive, helpful and extremely pleasant.  We honestly couldn’t have wished for better service from the NHS!

And well done to Millie, who was fantastically brave and well behaved throughout.  She did go a bit feral when she first woke up after the operation, but she was drugged, confused and not truly awake.  30 minutes of sleep later she was much better.  To prove it she polished off a lollipop, an iced bun, a packet of crisps, a cupcake and some ham sandwiches.  I know she hadn’t eaten since breakfast at 7am but honestly, where on earth was putting it all?

The Lovely Melanie was brilliant with her, too – apart from a few tears when we went down to get Millie immediately after the op she was just brilliant.  Which is one of the reasons I married her! 🙂

Millie’s got to continue wearing the patch over her eye tonight and has eye drops for another month, but other than that she should be fine.

Oh, and she’s got a week off school, too – another one!  (she’d already had last week off for half-term).

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