Millie eye update

More news from the fast-moving world of Millie medical eye surgery operation hospital squinty, er…ness!

She wasn’t very happy this morning.

She got up at about 6.30 to go downstairs to see my dad (who was staying with us as he looked after Amber yesterday – Amber, by the way, was exceptionally well-behaved yesterday and heart-warmingly glad to see all of us when we got back from the hospital).  A few minutes later we could hear her getting a bit upset about her eye, so the Lovely Melanie went to remove the eye-patch.  This really upset Millie, presumably because the surgical tape hurt when it was pulled off, but she got even more upset because the eye was really hurting her.

The Lovely Melanie gave her some Magic Calpol, but even Magic Calpol takes a while to work its magic, and then we had to put some drops in her eye, which really really didn’t help matters.  Millie was convinced the drops were going to hurt like the ones she had at the opticians to dilate her pupils (and those babies sting, man!)

Still, we got through all that.  But more worrying for us was the fact that her eye, as well as being quite red and puffy, also looked a lot more cross-eyed than before, only this time in the other direction!  No one had told to us to expect anything like this, and it didn’t seem to be sorting itself out.  The internet didn’t mention this sort of thing, either, so we were all asking Millie to follow our fingers or if she could see such-and-such or did things look blurry…

Millie’s rubbish at this sort of thing, unfortunately.

I thought that it wouldn’t be surprising if the trauma of the operation made her eye go temporarily a bit skew-wiff, but this common sense view was tempered by the thought that someone surely would have told us if this was the case.  That no one had made even me concerned.

Anyway, the Lovely Melanie, after some Herculean efforts and patience, finally got through to someone at the hospital who knew about this sort of thing and they reassured her that it’s entirely normal for an eye to go a bit wonky after this type of operation – swelling, bruising, bleeding, etc., all cause a bit of a distortion to the eye, and it should return to normal – or better than normal, that’s why we had the operation! – soon.

So that’s a relief.

When I left for work this morning Millie had just announced that she was going to stay in her pyjamas and have a nuffle-y day today.  Which sounds eminently sensible to me most days, let alone the day after an operation!

One more thing, if you haven’t seen the hospital pictures on Flickr yet (hint: there’s one below this entry) then go take a look.  The new camera arrived yesterday before we went to the hospital, so I took it with us and all the hospital pictures are taken with that.  They’re very nice, if not radically different to my old Z1, with one notable exception: look at how BIG they are in Flickr and you’ll notice they’re ****ing enormous!  They’re 4000 x 3000 pixels – twice the resolution of our monitor at home (and our monitor at home is not a small monitor!)

Pictures from the Z1 used to be at most half that.  So it’s just as well that I recently upgraded our hard drive to something that has the space to handle such large image sizes!

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