Ellis on the BBC

The ever-sensible (well, when he’s sober) Warren Ellis talks about the problems being created for the BBC, and some other stuff.

The BBC is only “in trouble” in the sense that Murdoch and his demonic offspring hate it for making Sky look like the retarded excuse for a TV channel that it is.

In no other sense known to man is the BBC “in trouble”.

“..they want you to think of the BBC as unfair competition… [because] they want it down in the mud with them.

The BBC does not compete. Like the NHS, it may not be perfect, but it is paid for by the public in order to provide a service to the public. It is not in competition. Thankfully there are some things in public life that are not all about market forces and the lowest common denominator — our oldest and most important broadcaster is one of them. It competes with commercial broadcasting in the same way a mountain competes with a road: the mountain was there first, and if the road doesn’t want to route around it, it can piss off.”



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