Great news

I’ve been at home again with a (very) poorly head, but never mind that because the big news in the family is that not only am I going to be an uncle, but my littlest brother is going to be a dad – and his wife, Carla, is going to be a mum!

Which must mean the Lovely Melanie is going to be an auntie!

Which means…   Well, you get the idea.

We’re obviously fantastically pleased for Rich and Carla, and just as obviously certain that they’ll be great parents.  On Rich’s blog he says he’s “pooing my pants,” which is a good indicator that he’ll be an excellent dad.  If you’re not pooing your pants over the prospect of fatherhood then you obviously haven’t properly thought the whole thing through and probably shouldn’t be allowed to have children.

I’m surprisingly pleased to become an uncle at last.  You’d think, having been a dad for four and half years now that I’d be all, like, “Meh,” about being an uncle (it’s a little like being a dad but with a great big safety net).

I thought I’d be all, like, “Meh,” about being an uncle, too, but I’m not.  Instead I’m really looking forward to seeing Rich and Carla experience all the joy and wonder we have over the past few years with our two, and to be able to share, just a tiny bit, in all that.

And it’ll be interesting to see how I get on with doing the uncle thing – whether your brother’s children are as easy to get on with as your own, or is it like the stranger’s kids we sometimes meet on the bus where I can still be a bit nervous and – sadly – concerned to make sure that the mum doesn’t think I’m a paedophile. 😦

And on top of that, my old friend from uni, Dr Nicky Perham of Cardiff University, has literally just had a baby with his wife, Dr Helen Perham, also of Cardiff University!  So congratulations to them, too.

I was seriously starting to wonder if anyone from our generation/circle of friends was ever going to breed, or were we doomed to be the non-childless freaks for the rest of our natural lives?

Turns out that as usual we’re the trendsetters rather than the followers… 😉

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