Another step closer to being an uncle!

Congratulations to my littlest brother and his lovely wife, Carla – they’ve had a 20-week scan today and revealed that their baby will be a little…


In case you want to stay in the dark about what they’re having (and some people do) I’ve typed the baby’s sex above in white – if you definitely do want to know what they’re having then select the line above.

Great news!! And while we’re obviously not as excited (or nervous!) as Rich and Carla we are really looking forward to meeting the newest addition to the Carter ranks. 😀

And now, in possibly the worst segue in blogging history…

I’m not the slightest bit interested in the World Cup, but my employers, Yahoo!, have made this free helpful World Cup toolbar for your browser.

Apparently you’ll “never miss a moment with coverage of the World Cup on your Yahoo! Toolbar. Stay informed with real-time scores, schedules, and news at your fingertips.

Download it, install it and let everyone know what you think of it by voting below.

Millie’s eye

More good news about Millie’s eye operation (back in February, you may remember).

The Lovely Melanie took her for another check-up today and they’ve said the eye has almost completely healed.  They wouldn’t have been surprised if it had taken longer, so to heal this fast is a good sign.  The eye still has a slight squint, but it’s just 6% now, down from 12% last time and 35% before the operation.  It will probably improve slightly more, too.  Frankly, it looks fine now.  Any improvement will be a bonus. 🙂

Interestingly, they saw a different doctor today – not the surgeon who operated on her.  He is, by all accounts, one of the best eye children’s surgeons’ in the country and we were lucky to have him operate on Millie.  However, his bedside manner was a bit stilted, and his explanatory skills were almost non-existent, so it was only today – three months later – that we found out things it would have been rather nice to know before the operation!

The doctor today spent much longer with Millie and told us that the operation to correct Millie’s squint was primarily meant to fix the squint, not to make Millie’s eye look less squint-y.  Does that make sense?  They were fixing her sight, and while correcting the position of the eye was a significant part of that it was never their top priority.

When Millie came round from the op we were a bit disturbed at the time to see that the squint was worse than ever before (albeit, in the opposite direction).

Surely they told you this was going to happen?” said the doctor today.

No,” said the Lovely Melanie. “We assumed Millie would wake up and her squinting eye would be looking in the same direction as the other one.

That’s really bad,” said the doctor, “and it really isn’t what happens,” before going on to patiently explain all kinds of helpful, important and interesting things about operations to correct squints that no one had ever told us before.

If she’d been there three months ago it would have saved busy NHS staff a lot of wasted time on the telephone trying to find anyone from that department who might be able to address some of our concerns.

Ten minutes that would have taken; instead upwards of two hours of NHS time was wasted. 😦

The things they say #197

Look, Daddy,” said Millie this evening, “it’s Jesus“.

How we laughed as we explained that, yes, the puppet was hanging from a cross, but no, that didn’t automatically mean it was Jesus.

Jesus would be covered in blood due to the crown of thorns on his head, the stab wound in his side and because his hands are nailed to a cross.

That’s how you tell the difference between a funny South American puppet and religious nonsense. 😦

They’re back :-(

Ahh, yes, barely in power for a couple of weeks and it’s started already – the Tories demonising the poor and those least able to fend for themselves.  Iain Duncan Smith has said it’s apparently not “sustainable” for us to spend 14% of the national income on welfare.

Given that the UK is a democracy which is is supposed to be not only government by the people but actually for the people I’d argue that 14% is not enough for the people.

What more worthwhile project is there than reducing human misery and helping the people of this country?  And just 14% of our wealth is too much to do that?  What does he think the remaining 86% should be spent on exactly?