Given up on the politics…?

No, I haven’t given up writing about politics on here, but I am keeping a very very tight rein on it, otherwise there’d be a veritable flood of cross and despairing posts.  Not even I-told-you-so posts, rather, oh-no-it’s-happening-again posts.

I complained about Labour when they were in power: I was disappointed in their performance and regularly felt let down by their timidity in the face of business, but these complaints were that they could have done better, that we’d hoped for more and better from them.

Always at the back of my mind, however, was the reassuring thought that at least they weren’t the Tories.

Yeah? You want some, do ya?

I was not only alive but even old enough to vote (sometimes) when they were last in power in the ’80s and ’90s.  Back then we expected nothing but the worst from a Tory government and that was generally what we got – the worst.  They didn’t even pretend to care, let alone actually help anyone but the better off.

And so I’m holding my political fire for the moment.  We’ve got years more of this to come yet, and if you think it’s bad now – when they’re still slowly and painfully removing the disfiguring traces of that “Caring Conservatism” mask they wore to get elected – then you ain’t seen nothing yet.

Hell, I’m no longer even sure whether this kind of thing is funny or just indecently prescient.

Is it funny?  Is it??

Oh, I suppose it is.

On an entirely different note, one of my last pieces for the Spark at Yahoo! is now up.  It’s about the Pied Piper of Hamelin.  Read it, then email them demanding more from this up and coming young (ahem) writer.

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