“Sorry, Mr Carter,” said the lady at a certain car rental business, “there seems to be a little bit of a problem with the car you’re returning.”

“Oh?  Really?  What is it?”

“It’s the petrol – you were supposed to return the car with three-quarters of  tank and this is just under three-quarters of a tank.  See?”

“Well, it should be fine – I just drove three miles out of my way to put eight quids worth in so that it would be fine, and it was at exactly three-quarters of a tank when I left the garage.”

“Hmm, yes, well, it isn’t now.  I’m afraid we’ll have to deduct six pounds fifty from your deposit.”

“For that much petrol?????”


“For that tiny sliver of the fuel gauge?”


Sigh. Fine.  Whatever.”

And brilliant poor Millie was so upset by this patent nonsense that she was sick in the back of the car they gave us a lift home in.

Heh heh heh.

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