Lost in time

Sadly, it looks like the epic story of our holiday in Devon isn’t going to get written up anytime soon – which most likely means it isn’t going to get written up at all.

We’ve been busy with one thing and another all day: tomorrow the Lovely Melanie is back to work whilst I have to sign on and then attend an interview with an agency in the centre of town, so realistically you’re never going to hear about our trip to Lyme Regis and its remarkable sedimentary cliffs or our visit to charming Powderham Castle.

You’ll never learn the exciting tales of our time in Crealy Adventure Park, the blustery day spent huddled on beautiful Exmouth beach or our Tuesday night drink with my cousin Gary and his lovely wife, Natalie, who happened to live just up the road.

We visited a place called Beer – no one will ever know.

Our return via Swindon so that we could attend Claire and Garry’s wedding on Saturday will remain forever a mystery, I fear, and even our somewhat ill-fated excursion to Exeter must be lost in time, like tears in rain…

How many times did Millie and Jack watch The Phantom Menace on DVD at the cottage?

At least ten.

What was the dreadful 24-hour stomach bug that every adult caught except for me?

No one knows.

Would we have had more fun if the weather been brighter?

Possibly, but it would have been a different type of fun and I don’t feel we missed out particularly.

One thing I would like to remember is the wonderful generosity of my parents in lending us their car for the entire week – hopefully they weren’t too annoyed by the scrape I put on the back of it whilst trying to park on those confoundedly narrow Devon roads.


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