Pushed for time, as always

I am back in my own house, huzzah!  No matter how much fun holidays might be I’ve always been someone who’s glad to come home when it’s done!

Of course, I forgot that coming home meant lots of washing and stuff, not to mention getting both the girls ready for their next holiday, which begins today.   All right for some, isn’t it!

Once they’re on their holiday with Grandma and Granddad it’s time for the Lovely Melanie and I to redecorate Amber’s room and sort out a big girl’s bed for her – no more baby cot for our youngest (now 2.5 years).

Just time to say congratulation to Claire, my…er, relation somehow, and her new husband, Garry, whose wedding we were chuffed to be invited to on Saturday – I’m uploading photos of both that and our holiday to Flickr even as I write this, but it’s taking a while (there are a lot of photos and with a 12Mp camera the pictures themselves are much bigger).  I also need to find time to post an entry about our holiday in the charming village of Newton Poppleford in Devon, sharing a cottage with our friends the Mays; contrary to all the previous entries it wasn’t completely dominated by the weather!

One comment

  1. Arghhh fatty bum bum pics of me.

    Lol, you’re my second cousin, but i prefer just cousin, it’s easier 😛

    Thanks for coming on sat, i’m so glad you could make it 🙂


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