Crush by OMD

In 1985 I was 13 and had just discovered OMD thanks to a DJ on holiday in Italy playing Enola Gay.

I remember rushing up to him and breathlessly asking, “What is this?

Luckily he was English; unfortunately he was sarcastic, so he replied, “This is a restaurant.

Undeterred – and at 13 immune to sarcasm – I tried again: “No, this record!!!!

Anyway, so I was a late arrival to the OMD party but upon returning home I soon discovered they had a new record out called Crush.  This was back when buying a whole album was a serious financial decision for those on a paper boy’s wages, but I had just joined a record club and I think Crush was one of the albums listed in their catalogue soon after, so I bought it.  On vinyl.

I’ve just heard Crush again tonight for the first time in over two decades thanks to the magic of the internet and I’m surprised at how well it’s stood the test of time.  The two singles, So In Love and Secret, both of which I adored at the time, are still fine examples of ’80s pop music.

Even more surprising is how much of the album has stuck in my head and how many lyrics and small pieces of melody I instantly recognised.

Surprising because despite my 13-year-old self trying his very best to like and understand it I eventually returned Crush, unable to get my 13-year-old ears around some of its slightly odd, slightly doomy, slightly too slow, other tracks.

Having heard it again 25 years later I like it a lot more – probably thanks to the good mix of pop and, erm, slightly odd, slightly doomy, slightly slow, other tracks…


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  1. One of my claims to fame is I saw OMD before they were famous – when they supported Gary Numan on his first major tour, which was their big break. They were so new, nobody had even come up with the OMD abbreviation yet. We’d heard of them even before this because their first single, Electricity, somehow found its way on to the jukebox at the Bell in Old Town, Swindon. This is almost as interesting as my story about seeing UB40 before they were famous, but I will save that for another day.

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