This weekend:

  • Millie went to the ballet for the first time with her Grandma and Granddad.
  • Amber is still a bit unwell with a nasty cough.
  • The Lovely Melanie went out for a quiet drink on Friday with friends and thoroughly enjoyed it – despite me almost having to push her out the front door to get her to go!
  • Poodle Chaos, a nightclub I helped set up many many years ago, reared its head for the first time in about five years (we ran a club in the middle of Brixton – it’s pretty easy, actually).

In the name of blogging integrity I should probably point out that I’m not actually DJing in this photo, DJ Bunny and I are just pretending (although DJ Bunny did actually DJ later – and very well, too).

Why don’t we play more often?  Well, I (and many of the other members) are still paying for our exertions today.

Things weren’t helped this morning by cold weather, a tube strike and the button on my trousers breaking en route to nursery – even though it was just fixed last week!

Perhaps I’m (finally) getting too old for this clubbing malarky…

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