Death and Millie

This morning we explained to Millie that Great-Nanny had died yesterday, and I was impressed at how intelligently and compassionately she handled the news.

She asked if we had any pictures of Great-Nanny on the computer (“Yes“) and could we print one out for her (“Yes“), and suggested making a card for Grampy (my Dad) to say how sorry she was.  She asked if Great-Nanny had gone to heaven, to which the Lovely Melanie carefully replied that if people were religious they believed she would, but that there was no proof that heaven is a real place and we, her parents, didn’t think so.

I suggested that Great-Nanny had lived a long long time, that lots of people had loved her very much, that she had died quietly in her sleep and how, even though she was dead, we would all remember her, and that this was good enough.

Next Millie wanted to know how she died, where she died and old she was; then how old I was.  Finally, with no prompting, she said how sad she was because she had loved Great-Nanny, which made me love our little girl more than ever!

And the other little girl?  We haven’t told her yet – she’s a bit young, really.  She still managed to cheered me up though.

One of her slightly less successful catchphrases was “Get with the program!” which we taught her to say a couple of months ago.  It was funny for a day and then she promptly forgot it.

Or so we thought.  Coming home on the bus from nursery last night the Lovely Melanie reports that it was a very slow journey – slow enough that even Amber noticed and took to shouting – ahem – “Get with the television, bus!


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