Christmas 2010

Not an awful lot to write about Christmas 2010 except that we had a lovely time, as usual.  It seemed a bit more tiring than usual, but that might be explained by the Amber flu that everyone is fighting.

We had the in-laws – Pam, Dave and Kristine – round Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, which made it extra special since Kristine flies back to Australia tomorrow and who knows when she’ll be back again.  I hope you enjoyed your Christmas with us, Kris, I know all of us enjoyed having you here.  The girls were up at about 6.30 – a time that felt earlier as we went to the pub on Christmas Eve, but then the Lovely Melanie and the Lovely In-laws all went to a carol service down in the village – although it turned out to be less a carol service than a full-blown religious service with some carols – and didn’t finish till 1am.

Opening presents took about two hours, despite Millie and Amber both starting at a cracking pace.  For Amber it was definitely a sprint event, the sheer joy of opening presents blinding her to the contents hidden inside the wrapping; Millie is a little more considered these days and it was my favourite part of the day seeing her smiling face and hearing her squeal with delight upon opening every single gift.  At least three things were what she’d always wanted most in the world.

Christmas dinner was a stupendous affair with enough food to feed twice as many, all of it delicious, and all of it thanks to my amazing wife. 🙂

My parents, middle brother and his wife came up on Boxing Day.  As is proper for a Carter Christmas, there was much good-natured arguing over Guess Who, loads of sweets and then we hunkered down in front of the television to watch…well, I can’t remember, but it felt like a real family Christmas.

Today my Mum and Dad took myself, Millie and Amber to Lewisham to buy some gerbils for the cage Millie got for Christmas from us.  She was terribly excited, but quickly chose two girls – a white one and a grey/silver one.  They have been christened Glitter and Sparkle. and seem to be settling into their new home in Millie’s room very well.  I’d forgotten how fascinating small animals can be to watch as they scamper about on their own little business, and I think they’re going to be an excellent addition to the family.  Even the Lovely Melanie, who dislikes any animals smaller than a cat, is slowly warming to them.  Slowly…

There are pictures of our Christmas and our new family members here.

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