Busy day yesterday (which is why I’ve been slow to respond to some of the interesting and touching comments people have made to my previous post).

We were out for most of the day visiting people with new houses, and we didn’t get home until 10 o’clock.  Our friends Nik and Liz have just moved to a new house in Beckenham. It’s a nice enough house but their huge new garden is amazing!  I confess, I was actually a bit jealous when I thought about our anaemic little plot (following the snow, precious little of the grass I planted last year has survived).

Some of their family were also visiting at the same time, including their nieces, Isobel and Eleanor, which meant that the girls had someone to play with (apart from Uncle Nik, that is, who they love).

By golly it was cold though – not really the weather for properly appreciating an amazing garden.

Fortunately our second house-warming stop was indoors in Lewisham, where we spent a lovely couple of hours with Sharon, Nick and Ben and some of their friends and family.  Ben was born at the same time as Millie and also spent a bit of time in hospital, which is where we met them.

Sharon and Ben have remained friends with the Lovely Melanie and the girls, despite having relatively little in common otherwise.  However, Sharon is such a bubbly personality, so full of enthusiasm, that I’m in awe of her spirit.  They’ve just gotten a very nice new council house after enduring five years in a place that was ridiculously cramped, so we were really pleased to be able to join them in celebrating their long-awaited good fortune.

And today is Sunday.  I’ve got to dig up some of the garden in preparation for the shed that Nik (of Nik and Liz fame) has given us; I’m planning to take some pictures of the girls and, er… Oh, yes!  And enjoy the relentless drilling from next-door, who are having to replace all of the electrics.

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