Keep It With Mine

This beautiful song by Dean and Britta, I’ll Keep It With Mine, has been going round and round in my head this past week or so, to the point that it’s going to be permanently associated with Trev’s death for me.

It’s partly the tone of the song, but mainly it’s the lyrics:

You can search, babe, at any part

But how long, babe, can you search for what’s not lost?

Everybody will help you

Some people are very kind

But if I save you any time

Come on, give it to me

I’ll keep it with mine

The Lovely Melanie has told me to stop playing it so much because it keeps upsetting me, but it’s not hopeless misery, it’s the idea, I think, of Trev not being lost and of keeping his memory in mine.  Of Trev still being here in that sense.


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