Millie is test piloting the iwtwhw badges today, at her own request.  Bless her, she was most insistent that she wanted to wear one to school today, “for Uncle Trev.

I’m not convinced she quite knows what it means but she seems to get the basic idea that it’s to remember Uncle Trev by.

Amber, however, is in the dog house.  She wet her bed last night – which is not what she’s in the dog house for – and we left her bedroom door open so she could get out to use the loo later on if need be.  Sadly she took advantage of this freedom to keep getting up in the night and wander round the house.

It got to the point where, at about 6am, I got up and shut the door, trapping her inside.

We have clean sheets to replace a wee-soaked bed but nothing can replace lost sleep.

I also managed to finish Trev’s eulogy last night, ready for the funeral next Friday.  It made me cry as I wrote it and it made the Lovely Melanie laugh and cry as she read it, so I guess I’ve achieved my aim.

Back in work today for the first time.  I phoned in to an important meeting from home yesterday, which was fine.  This morning, in the office, was OK – everyone has been incredibly nice and understanding – but lunchtime I could feel a bit of a cloud inexplicably dragging me down…


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