I feel a bit guilty for going on about my grief and sadness here.  It’s four weeks to the day since Trev’s death and I’m aware that the casual reader may feel it’s time I climbed back up on my horse and started get on with my life.

And I wish I could.  See, the thing is, following Amber’s third birthday party yesterday – which was fun and an occasion for celebration – I’m feeling sad again.  But the thing is, I’m not consciously thinking about Trev and how awful his death is and how defeated we all feel…I just feel sad anyway.

Even without thinking about Trev and how much I miss him, even without dwelling upon my memories, even without looking at photos of Amber’s party and mentally inserting Trev into them…

Even without doing any of that I just feel sad anyway.


  1. Dont feel guilty Stu (and Rich). You feel how you feel and no-one would ever expect you to be anything other than sad at the moment. 4 weeks is no time at all.

  2. What Kristine said. There is no deadline by which you’re expected to ‘get over it’, and certainly not within a month. Grieve as and when you feel. All the best to you and your family – take care.

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