Just because I’m grieving doesn’t mean I’m stupid.

I haven’t posted anything political here for ages, I know.  Births, deaths and marriages have mostly been occupying me on these pages.  But that’s not to say I’ve been living in a political vacuum.

So it’s nice to be able to post a link to an article that precisely sums up what I’ve been thinking with regard to the coalition government (don’t worry, it’s quite a short article and not difficult to understand).

The idea being that almost no-one in the UK voted for what the current government is doing.  That we’ve effectively been lied to and there’s a dismantling wholesale destruction of the UK state going on right in front of our eyes.

Every time I watch the news I’m staggered at the scale of cuts going on all around me, to the point where I’m almost numb at the audacity and sheer cheek of it:

  • Destroy the NHS?  Check
  • Cut funding to all programmes to help the poorest in society?  Check
  • Sell off anything and everything owned by we, the people?  Check
  • Sell it off to big business?  Check
  • Make us then pay through the nose for something that was free or made affordable?  Check
  • Expect charities and businesses to pick up the pieces of this wholesale destruction?  Check
  • Cut grants and funding for those same charities?  Check
  • Lie that “There’s no alternative to the cuts“, as an excuse for all the above?  Check

But what scares me most is that they’re trampling all this stuff through and no one’s stopping it – so few are even questioning it.

And you have to remember that winning these rights for ourselves, forcing the government and big business to listen, fighting to be treated as human beings  – this took decades, if not centuries of struggle.

No government or business ever voluntarily handed out a single one, they were all fought for, and in many cases people died fighting for them.

These same rights and freedoms are being whisked away from under our very noses in just months, and once they’re gone it’s going to be a frightful struggle to ever get them back again.

David Cameron is evil and posh, despite all his claims to the contrary.  And Trev would have agreed with me on this, too.


One comment

  1. I KNOW I KNOW I KNOW. I personally wanna get the feck out there and overthrow the bastards, but everyone is sooooo goddamn apathetic it’s genuinely frightening and if I do it by myself I’ll get nowt but funny looks and ridicule.

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